Thursday, June 02, 2005

Return of the Jen

Jen arrived in Aberdeen for the second time today. I mean, the second time, and it was today. It's not like she's been coming in and out of the city all day. I felt kind of bad because the weather up here has been pretty grim for the past week and according to forecasts, it's not going to get much better as long as she's here. I'm hoping this does not inspire her to wonder why she left the south of Spain for this. I hope the answer includes the words "Eric, because he is wonderful and oh so fine."

Jen had her toe cut open in the emergency room a few days ago (it's a long story) and she just spent the night in the airport and didn't even fly into Aberdeen, she had to get the bus up from Edinburgh. It's been a rough journey. This is not how the city should have welcomed her! Oh, Aberdeen. You gray bitch.

So, today we sat in my flat and caught up. It's a good thing we have so much of that to do, because suddenly I can't think of anything to do in this town. We're both kind of sick, and it's so gray outside it's difficult to see past a few buildings down. I don't even know that it's particularly foggy or rainy, but the sheer grayness seems to be taking on a physical weight that makes it very easy to decide not to venture outside.

Because I am completely evil, I forced Jen to watch Big Brother with me and she so totally loves it! After just one episode! I won't go on about it here, but if anyone reading this is watching the UK version going on right now, I've invented a drinking game to go with the live feed: do a shot every time Vanessa is asleep in a different location. You will be in hospital within the hour. I don't know why that makes it a good drinking game. I don't know why I love Big Brother either, BUT I DO!

I do have a thing or two planned for Jen's visit (and Laura's -- she's arriving in a few days): we'll pay a visit to Cruden Bay and Slain's Castle on Sunday, and head down to Edinburgh for a day trip on Monday. On Wednesday, the three of us are flying to Amsterdam together. Awwww, yeah.

Still, I keep hoping Jen won't remember that 48 hours ago she was tanning away on a Spanish beach. And I convinced her to come back to Aberdeen because there's so much we didn't have a chance to do the last time she was here. Eek!


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