Sunday, May 08, 2005

Straight dancin'

After talking on the phone with Luke, I went out dancing with Iain. It was Saturday night, but we were determined to have a totally sober and cost-free night if we could manage it. The gay bar charges an entrance fee on Saturday nights, so we knew we were going to a straight club. We found a good one on Union Street and hung out there for the night. It was one of the better nights I’ve had out in Aberdeen.

The thing is, Iain is very tall and intimidating. So I felt much less threatened than I usually do in heterosexual clubs. We just wanted to dance, dance, dance. And that’s what we did! We found a nice spot on the dance floor and boogied on down for three hours or so. The music was much better than the gay bar, which is true almost anywhere, but this place played “Superstitious” (Stevie Wonder!) and “Galvanize” (Chemical Brothers!) and that’s all that matters to me.

It sure isn’t all that mattered to anyone else -- news spread like wildfire among the straight folk that a couple of Gays had entered the building. I like how they know we fancy other men, but somehow also believe we are blind and/or stupid and don’t realize they’re totally talking about us. Someone would be staring, and then say something to their friend, who would “inconspicuously” look over their shoulder to get a look at us.

It was just funny, really. Nobody tried anything mean, they were just really obvious about the whole staring and telling a friend thing. I wonder what they were saying. “What? There’s...really? In here? Wait, let me look. I’ll just pretend to be looking around and... Oh my god, you’re right. What are we going to do? We could probably take the little Asian one, but the big one won’t go down without a fight.”

There was also a group of girls who drunkenly draped their bodies all over us and slurred, “I know you’re gay... That’s cool...” Then they seemed to get upset that Iain and I weren’t engaging in anal sex on the dance floor, and yelled, “YOU’RE NOT VERY PASSIONATE, ARE YOU?” Then they found some straight boys to freak and didn’t pay attention to us after that.

Apart from people generally behaving as though Iain and I were space aliens, it was a really, rea


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