Thursday, May 12, 2005

School's out...forever?

Finally, I’ve completed and handed in my very last essay for the University of Aberdeen, and maybe my very last essay for any university anywhere. My advisor at UW tells me there’s a good chance this year will take care of my last remaining credits, despite the fact that I spent half of it tooling around with the history department. I’m not entirely convinced it’s going to work out that nicely, but it feels nice to have actually accomplished something for my degree while I’ve been over here.

I even made an effort not to torture myself during the process of cranking out this essay (“The Road to Maleville: Rediscovered Masculinity in Fight Club and Cast Away.” Yes, it’s another winner). Not only did I turn it in a day early, and not only did I not stay up all night the night before (though it was quite close), but I had made an effort to undermine my terrible eating habits last time I went to the grocery store so there was very little junk food to gorge myself on, as I traditionally do in an attempt to guilt myself into productivity. I still nipped off to the kitchen every 15 minutes to stuff my face, but it was on things like bananas, brussel sprouts, and whole grain bread.

It’s not like I turned my essay in a day early because I’m a really good student or anything. The bastard is actually due tomorrow, but in about 16 hours I’ll be on a flight to Dublin to meet up with American Laura and cross another member of the United Kingdom off my list. It’s looking doubtful that I’ll be able to make it to Wales before I leave, though. Still, Dublin! Yes!

So that’s nearly it for me and the University of Aberdeen. This is the final week of the semester, and my last class was on Tuesday. After a final exam for European Cinema on the 30th, well, school’s out. It’s just me and whatever I want to do for the next five weeks.

In one of my more bizarre attempts at putting off working on my essay, I decided to make Rosie instruct me on waxing and we removed the hair from part of my leg. That shit is painful. And now I have a stupid-looking bald patch on my calf.

Just in case you were sitting there wondering, “What is the weather like in Aberdeen this time of year?” I’m going to tell you. It’s hot. Seattle hot. Like not actually hot, but enough to remind me that warm weather makes me grumpy. Living in an arctic hellhole like Aberdeen occasionally fools me into thinking I’d looooove to live somewhere tropical and sunny. But it’s all a lie! Oh, and remember in the winter when the sun started going down at 2 PM? Now the opposite is starting to happen: the sun comes up freakishly early and doesn’t go down until fairly late at night. I disagree with this because it makes me feel like I should be productive for longer. But it’s nice because it reduces the chance of vampire attacks.

Also, David is going SIFFing without me and for this he shall pay with his life.


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