Thursday, May 05, 2005

Missing SIFF

Ahh! The 2005 Seattle International Film Festival is coming up and for the first time since 2001, I’m not going to be there! If this had occurred to me before I signed up to study abroad, I would have thought twice about the whole damn thing. (I still would have done it, but the important thing is that I would have thought about it twice.)

I know from Moviepie that the official SIFF ’05 schedule came out in the paper today, but I’m too disappointed to even take a peek at the website. SIFF is one of my favorite times of year -- about a month long, day after day of going to independent and/or foreign films. One, two, or even three movies a day sometimes. It’s heaven. It always takes place at the end of spring quarter, which is when I ought to be working the most, but I don’t care. I have priorities. SIFF is my lover. And this year I must leave her unfulfilled.



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