Sunday, May 22, 2005

Dublin pictures

Laura and I brought the wacky to Dublin thanks to some handy props supplied by Dublinia at Christchurch.

Here is me being my usual supermmodel self outside Stephen's Green.

The original St. Patrick's Cathedral! When my family used to go to church, we went to St. Patrick's in Seattle. There's a bit of trivia for you in case you're ever on a game show and they have a round of questions about me.

Mmmmm, Guinness. Here are Laura's and my complimentary Guinnesses settling at the Gravity Bar. I liked my pint so much, I was inspired to do this.

The River Liffey, running through the middle of the city.

I stole this picture from Laura. I think she took it at like 5 AM when she was catching the bus to go to the airport. The Millennium Needle isn't the most innovative structure around, but it sure looks pretty here.

During my day on my own, I was cool enough to stand outside the building where the Book of Kells is. That's what I like to do when I visit a city: find the interesting stuff and stand outside the building.

Real live cricket!

The real reason I hung out in the National Gallery of Ireland for hours and hours.


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