Friday, April 15, 2005

London pictures

These don't cover nearly everything I saw and did in London, but I thought I would give y'all a brief overview of the highlights...

First stop on Laura's and my list of things to see in London was Buckingham Palace. And by first stop on our list, I mean we got off the Tube at a random stop and it was the first attraction we saw.

Despite our lack of organization, we managed to catch the Changing of the Guard. They say the Guards aren't supposed to move or speak while they're on duty. Well, no wonder people are always getting inside the Palace.

On the River Thames, with Big Ben in the background! Seriously, being in London was just like being in London. If you know what I mean.

Here is a picture of me holding the London Eye. PLEASE DO NOT PANIC. This is a trick photograph. If you look carefully, you will see that I am in fact much closer to the camera than the London Eye and therefore appear much larger in proportion.

About to get on the London Eye. They do this thing where they keep referring to the ride as a "flight," because it's owned by British Airways and they would rather think of their creation as some sort of flying machine and not a giant ferris wheel.

My calm and collected exterior masks a crippling fear of heights. I pretty much spent the ride up huddled in the middle of the pod crying for Nun-Clown.

By the time we finished our ascent, I had gotten over my fear and begun to appreciate the amazing panorama surrounding me. The weather wasn't as nice as it could have been, but it wasn't anything I'm not used to. Here's Big Ben and Parliament as seen from the very top.

This is meant to be me holding Parliament like I was holding the London Eye before. (Trick photograph again, PLEASE DO NOT PANIC.)

You love it.

The squirrels in Hyde Park were scary little bastards. They get all up in your face and if you try to shoo them away they cut themselves and write "FEED ME" in their blood.

Eric has two Lauras!


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