Thursday, April 14, 2005

I love to übernachten

When am I not spending the night at some sort of transportation hub?

Here I am at the London-Stansted airport on my way home. From Josh’s house in Tübingen, I am en route to Aberdeen via Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Frankfurt, London, and Edinburgh. I was about to say, “Oh, the things I do for the sake of cheap travel,” but it’s amazing how much money I’m not saving thanks to the ridiculous cost of inter-city travel in Germany.

Oh well. I’m here, and it’s not so bad. The terminal is practically filled to capacity with others like me, many obviously more prepared than me with things like sleeping mats and blankets. In case you were wondering, and I understand why it might be unclear, the reason I keep doing this to myself is because the cheapest flights of the day are the freakishly early and late ones, and since there’s no way to get anywhere interesting from Aberdeen without a connection, the only way I can take advantage of things like £0.99 flights is to take the last flight of one day and the first of the next.

It’s strange that I’ve gotten so used to all of this. When Jen visited me back in December, and she told she had to spend the night in the Dublin airport on the way to Aberdeen, my mind was thoroughly boggled just thinking about it. But now I’m like, “Yeah, I spent 28 hours getting from Germany to Aberdeen. What the fuck do you want to say about it?” I mean, I’ll be able to say that after I get home.

I’ve been amusing myself by writing monologues for Under the Habit, my upcoming film project about Nun-Clown. It will be equal parts day-in-the-life and historical investigation, with several dramatizations added to help the audience visualize key concepts such as Nun-Clown wearing intestines as a necklace. I keep giggling to myself and trying as hard as I can to stifle it, but people are still waking up and giving me evils, so I have decided to blog instead.

On the very crowded train ride from Tübingen to Stuttgart, I fell asleep hard due to the fact that I’d barely slept the night before and to my horror when I woke up there was a puddle of drool the size of Lake Michigan on my sweater...and it was still connected to my mouth. It’s only comforting to a point that I wasn’t conscious to witness everyone pointing and laughing at me, though to be fair if I was awake the chances of it happening would have been significantly reduced if not eliminated.

There are a bunch of old people sitting in the row behind me. What the hell are they doing here? Do they like to travel cheap too? It’s hard to imagine this is worth it for them. I wonder if they missed their connecting flight and got stuck here for the night. They’re not sleeping either. It’s all very suspicious.

I just realized I haven’t even written anything about being in Tübingen for the last three days. Probably because I didn’t really do anything. Mostly, Josh and I just hung out and I got to take a break from the hardcore travel-y stuff. Yes, I’ve been taking a vacation from my vacation. Josh and I made an honest attempt to visit a castle in the nearby town of Hechingen, but when we arrived, we found out there was only one bus to the castle daily, and we missed it by an hour. So we turned around and went back to Tübingen.

There are so many people here, it’s really weird. Every single seat is filled, and the floor isn’t exactly empty either. Are they all doing what I’m doing? They can’t all have gotten stuck here. I swear, they engineer these seats with monster armrests so you can’t get too comfortable sleeping in them. I guess it makes sense. If you sleep too peacefully, you won’t wake up for your flight in the morning. I still think it’s still kind of sadistic.

I should really end this post. I have so much time to kill, I could just write and write and write and write for hours about nothing interesting at all. I think it’s time to write some more dating videos for Nun-Clown...


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