Sunday, March 20, 2005

Three down, one to go

Greg flew out to Spain for the term this morning, so now it's just me and David, and when he heads back to America on Thursday, it'll just be me and my flatmates staying in the flat again. How weird!

Greg, David, Marianne and I spent a night and day in Perth the other day. Not the one in Australia, that would be preposterous. What's wrong with you? No, this is the original Perth, the one the Australian Perth was named after. (That's what Marianne tells me, anyway.) British colonizers named new cities after ones in Britain all the time, but the least they could have done was call it "New Perth" like "New York" instead of taking all the credit for the cool name.

Mostly we hung out at Marianne's parents' house, which is way out in the countryside near Glenalmond College where her dad works. There isn't much to see or do in Perth, but it was great to relax, eat good food, and walk around town for a bit before going back to Aberdeen. David and I stayed up until 5 AM talking about Diva D, David's pop star alter ego whose career we plan to chart in a film one day. We've mapped out her career highs and lows, but we still have to flesh out her celebrity relationships and scandals throughout the years.

I like to think we showed Greg a good time during his week in Scotland. We worked him pretty hard, and by that I do not mean to imply that any of us rode him like a bitch from hell but rather that his schedule was packed from the moment he got off the plane to the moment he got in a taxi back to the airport. We spent a total of 12 hours on the bus between our trips to Glasgow and Perth. And dealing with killer jet-lag, too. But how often are you in Scotland? I like to think he'll be able to say, "I may have been totally exhausted and miserable every second of that week, and I never want to see Eric again, but at least I had a great time!"

I don't know what's happening with this class they've stricken from my transcript, but I wrote them a lengthy email last week and still haven't received any reply. I mean, the least they can do is write back and say, "We don't care. We're not giving you credit." But this is just cruel. Argh.


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