Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Missing David

David had to leave a day earlier than he expected due to conflicts with his connecting flights back to America. Basically, he booked his easyJet flight to London too close to his flight back to Seattle and it would have been impossible for him to get from Luton to Gatwick in time. The incredibly unfortunate result of this is that David had to get book an earlier flight to London -- 24 hours earlier to be exact. So he'll be hanging out in the London-Gatwick airport for 26 hours. Shudder. It took me 36 hours to get from Aberdeen to Cádiz, but at least it was broken up between two flights, two airports, and a bus ride. Not that it was a party or anything, but it's much more yuck for David. Especially considering the 26 hours is before he even sets foot on the plan back to America.

Interestingly, by the time David reads this, it will all be over and he'll be able to laugh at the whole ordeal, or possibly cry uncontrollably. I'm just saying it's interesting.

It's a shame we lost a whole day of his visit because we had everything planned out for yesterday and today, and we had to scrap the trip to Cruden Bay to see Slain's Castle. He also didn't get to say goodbye to Ballal or Iain or Marianne. (Marianne was meant to have come home on Sunday but she still hasn't shown up...) We did bring him to the film quiz last night, but it was kind of a disappointment because we got absolutely slaughtered. Who the fuck knows which Steve McQueen movie provided the loose basis for the character of Indiana Jones? And don't even tell me you knew it was Nevada Smith because I don't believe you.

There was also a picture round where they juxtaposed images meant to suggest movie titles, like Elle MacPherson and Sid Vicious to symboliz El Cid. That was one of the easy ones. One of them was a picture of Al Pacino's head on a scale, and that was meant to be Always. Al weighs. HAR HAR HAR. Yeah, it was totally bullshit. Mostly because we didn't win. But at least we didn't come in last this time. That's certainly a victory for me and Rosie!


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