Thursday, March 24, 2005

A few pictures

Here are some photos from Glasgow and Perth I never got around to posting...

We arrived at Marianne's aunt's house after a long journey and poor David had to write an essay due the next day. And poor Greg was seriously jet-lagging. Meanwhile, I watched a rugby DVD and drooled. (There aren't any pictures of that part.)

The next morning we enjoyed tea and animated GIFs.

First, we walked from town to the Glasgow Cathedral and the Necropolis. The Necropolis was way up on a hill and there was a fantastic view of the city from the top. It had a real industrial look mixed in with the prettiness.

The Botanic Gardens were amazing. They had an orchid garden, which was gorgeous, and lots of other stuff you just couldn't make up. Also, vaginas.

As if we were going to be somewhere this pretty and not have a photo shoot!

A large building on the Glasgow University campus.

Buchanan Street in downtown Glasgow.

Now we're in Perth. Here's Greg, Marianne, Rufus (the dog) and I walking up to Glenalmond College.

Normally I'm almost as afraid of dogs as I am of horses, but Rufus was a good dog because he's so passive that most of the time you would swear he was dead. Yay, Rufus!


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