Thursday, February 17, 2005


Hey, how is it already the night before I leave for Spain? Last time I checked, I was a good little blogger, making all sorts of observations about Britishness, then all of a sudden I hadn’t posted in over a week and it’s 3 AM and I have to get up in 3 hours to get on an airplane to Málaga.

It hasn’t been the most exciting week, but stability is actually pretty nice at this point. Eric wakes up every morning -- okay, every day -- and goes to class, Eric comes home and eats some food and tries to work on some creative projects before going to bed. I’m writing down so many random inspirations and imaginary dialogues, I can’t imagine what kind of fucked-up whole they’re going to add up to. Or if they all belong in different wholes and I have to figure out what goes where and which ideas to flesh out. But all this is a good thing.

Today I had one of those experiences that made me frightened of my own department: for our first written exercise in my European Cinema course, the professor showed us a three-minute clip from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and told us to write 800-1,000 words analyzing it. “This shouldn’t be too hard, it’s a pretty meaty clip,” he commented. Personally, I did not find it particularly meaty. I wish I could look at something like this and see oodles of meaning and thematic complexity, but I can’t see the meat. I see nothing resembling meat no matter how hard I try. Meat, meat, meat. I’m hungry.

I’ve been hungry a lot lately because I’m saving my money to have a good time getting my travel on over the next several months. I talked to someone yesterday about some stuff I was working on, and naturally pointing out the insanity of the fact that I am not the recipient of worship and extravagant paychecks, and I was going to say, “It’s like I’m a starving artist, except for the starving,” then I realized that’s not entirely true. I’m totally hungry!

I’m going to be more hungry tomorrow because I’m spending 9 hours at the airport in London between flights because easyJet sucks my balls. I’m going in armed with sandwiches, pork pies, some clementines, and half a loaf of French bread. Also, books. I hope this doesn’t suck as much as it sounds like it’s going to.

Speaking of getting my travel on, I bought more plane tickets! I’m going to Germany this April. I’m flying into Frankfurt, despite the fact that I don’t know anyone who lives there and it isn’t anywhere near where either Josh or Kristina live, but on the other hand the tickets only cost £0.74 each. Not really, of course, because they add all the taxes and fees, but still an amazing deal at £23 round trip. Woo! Much better than the tickets I’m using tomorrow, which cost £98.

Oh man, I need to get some sleep before my big day of doing nothing but not having anywhere to sleep tomorrow. By this time tomorrow…let the foreign-language adventures begin!


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