Thursday, February 24, 2005

Remaining Spain pictures

I wanted to post a few more pictures from my trip, if for no other reason than I took the time to resize them and transfer them to Rosie's crap computer. And besides, who doesn't like looking at pictures? They take less time to read than big words, I can tell you that much!

On the way to Cádiz from Málaga, Jen and I stopped at La Linea to walk over and check out Gibraltar. I'm not exactly sure what the deal is with Gibraltar, but somehow it's British because there were British flags and establishments and crosswalk signals and everything was in English. So that was bizarre, to go to Spain and be able to cross a street (and a border crossing) and be somewhere British, except that that somewhere is only the size of a small town. I loved this sign.

This is the Rock of Gibraltar as seen from Spain, just after we got off the bus. As you may be able to tell, the weather was not the friendliest. We so didn't get a chance to explore Gibraltar properly. And after I'd read so much about the monkeys and dolphins! I'll definitely be going back there in summer sometime soon.

This is a typical Cádiz street in the evening. Actually, it's only typical in one half of town -- Cádiz is divided into "new" and "old" sections, which look radically different from each other. The city, being like 3,000 years old, had to expand at some point so the new section is a more modern extension.

Does Nun-Clown live in Cádiz?

Pictures just don't get more self-explanatory than this one.

Jen wanted to take my picture next to a "pretty" and "friendly" horse in Seville despite my lifelong crippling phobia of being eaten by one. This picture was taken just before Mr. Ed here knocked me over with one of its forelegs and tore out my throat.

This is me looking soulfully up at the ceiling in one of the rooms in the Alcazar Palace. Look at that gorgeous tiling! More importantly, look how much I clearly appreciate that gorgeous tiling!

Orange trees are absolutely EVERYWHERE in Seville. They're pretty. I'm prettier.

Look how quaint and romantic this little restuarant is! Aaaaaahh! It's just sitting there in the middle of the most quaint and romantic neighborhood in Seville. Jen and I wanted to eat there really badly but certain factors I won't get into in detail prevented us from doing so.


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