Monday, February 28, 2005

Oh my golf

It's so funny having a visitor come to see me in Aberdeen. All of a sudden, I'm excited about everything again: the pubs, the clubs, the beach, the university, the pop culture, the crazy foods... I suppose I'm always super thrilled with the pop culture and crazy foods, but the city itself becomes something to be excited about again when I have someone to show around. Josh and I have been having lots of fun since he got here, and it's nice that he's here for two weeks so we can take our time doing it.

I've missed a lot of class since the new semester started, but I think I'm going to be fine because when I actually do show up for class it occurs to me that I still don't learn anything because my professor is a mumbly eccentric. Also, when it comes to my essays I feel unusually confident that I have something to say, so my grades shouldn't suffer to much.

Josh and I embarked on a day trip to St. Andrews yesterday, a couple hours south of Aberdeen. In case you didn't know, St. Andrews is "The Home of Golf." Apparently, golf was invented in St. Andrews and the links there are practically holy land for golf enthusiasts. I don't know if Josh is so much of one, but his dad is and he insisted we check it out. Josh insisted, not his dad. Josh's dad doesn't tell me what to do. And if he tried, I'd be like, "Whatever, I do what I want. I grew up on the streets." I didn't grow up on the streets, but Josh's dad doesn't know that. (Unless he reads this blog.)

St. Andrews was as pretty as it is small. To clarify, it was really small. And really pretty. The weather was classically Scottish, which means there were four seasons in a single day. At one point it hailed in my mouth. Then the sun came out. We spent some time around the famous golf course, visited St. Andrews castle and cathedral, walked around the town, and headed home. It was a very short day trip. I don't know how people who live there fill the time, frankly. There's a university in town, so maybe they're all in the library studying. Hey, doesn't Prince William go to St. Andrews University? If so, Josh and I didn't see him.

Also, isn't "Oh my golf" like the best title I've EVER come up with?


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