Tuesday, February 22, 2005

From sun to snow

So now I'm back in Aberdeen. My brief encounter with Spain is over, but I hope it's only the first of many. I even picked up a little Español (that's "Spanish" for you non-speakers out there)! (Please do not ask Jen to confirm this, as she will only feed you lies about how it never got through to me that me llamo bien does not mean "I am fine, thanks!")

I spent last night in the airport at Málaga. 12 hours I spent in that terminal. This followed a bus ride all the way from Cádiz, and preceeded a 5-hour layover in the airport at London. It didn't even faze me all that much, this time around. I read a lot, wrote a lot, and slept not a lot. It really doesn't matter how exhausted you are, those fucking chairs were specifically designed to combat sleep or rest in any shape or form.

It's so surreal, being in an airport for that long. Eventually you get really philosophical and start thinking about how being there is really like being nowhere, or between wheres, because the place is full of people but nobody is either where they came from or where they're going. And you're not supposed to be there for longer than it takes to arrive or depart, but after you're done watching people doing both of these things for hours and hours and hours and the place is absolutely deserted and you have nowhere to go and nowhere to be, you start to feel like you don't exist. Yeah, thoughts like that kept me pretty occupied.

Not last night but the night before, my last night in Cádiz, Jen and I went out on this big walkway to watch the sunset. When we had finally gone out as far as we could go, we prepared ourselves for the sunset of a lifetime but the whole damn thing was obscured by a bunch of clouds. Luckily, I snapped a picture just before that happened. We didn't go out that night, but we did walk around town a little bit and I was shocked at how silent and empty the city was, considering how happening it had been the night before. While partying is something Cádiz does very long and very hard, it's also something Cádiz keeps to the weekend.

Yesterday, before I caught the last bus to Málaga, Jen took me on a quick final tour of the city, which I hadn't had nearly enough time to fully experience. We walked along the water and saw the Cádiz cathedral, and I got to see another beach different from the one we'd been hanging out at. And here are few more random pictures from a park near Jen's house (which is right by the pretty, pretty water).

I realized when I arrived in Málaga the first time that this is the first time I've left the UK since moving here in September. How weird is that? God, I just love being somewhere else. Getting off the plane in Spain gave me the feeling in my stomach you get when you're going down the first hill of a rollercoaster. Well, maybe not that intense, because I didn't scream or vomit or anything like that. But I'm so close to so much adventure, yo.

It was snowing like crazy when I got back to Aberdeen, and it made me so happy to be back I couldn't stop smiling the whole bus ride into town. It's like, I should have been sad because I had been in the sun just the day before, but to me it was the perfect welcome back from the city I've really and truly come to think of as home.

I have some more pictures I want to put up, but I'm so tired right now and I have to get up in the morning to pick up my friend Josh from the airport.


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