Friday, February 18, 2005

36 hours of transit

I’m writing this entry on paper with the hope that I’ll be able to type it up and post it tomorrow since Jen has the internet at her house, but apparently its pretty unreliable so we’ll see what happens.

I finally made it to Spain. It took a long time. Like, longer than it would have taken to get there from America. The flight from Aberdeen to London wasn’t too bad. I slept the whole way, seeing as I stayed up pretty much all night last night. Was that last night? It was the night before last night. I am all messed up right now. Let me tell you why. I spent 10 hours in the airport in London between flights. That was fun because chairs made of metal are really comfortable to sit in for stretches of time in which you could watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. Then I flew to Málaga and arrived there around midnight, reuniting with Jen and having happy fun times until I remembered we had to spend the night in the airport because we were a 5-hour bus ride away from where Jen lives, in Cádiz.

So we spent the night in the airport, catching a grand total of one hour of sleep. Hooray. Caught the first bus to Cádiz at 10:15 in the morning (which was this morning), stopping by Gibraltar for a few hours because it was on the way and how often is Gibraltar on the way to where I’m going?

Jen and I arrived in Cádiz early in the evening and she introduced me to my host family, with whom I’ll be staying for the next few days. She had given me a fun warning beforehand that they didn’t speak a word of English, but luckily that turned out not to be the case and my host dad is happy to have someone to practice his English on, I think. In any case, they’re nice people with a nice house and oh my god I’m going to sleep on an actual bed tonight.

Overall impressions of Spain will have to wait because I’m practically hallucinating at the moment and need to take a nap because Jen picks me up to take me out...where? Who knows.

I’m in Spain! Woo!


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