Friday, January 21, 2005

It's still my birthday, dammit

Rosie's computer is infected with a truly nasty virus. At the first appearance of a browser window of any kind, an avalanche of pop-ups quickly fill the screen and freeze her computer. What I've been doing instead is opening websites through the My Computer window, which works all right unless I visit a site that has even a single pop-up that opens a "real" Internet Explorer window, or click on a link that opens something in a new window. This is absolutely fascinating. Why didn't I spend more time writing about Rosie's computer in the past? My point is, right now I'm unable to look at the comments you guys have left or write any of my own. Well, I can open the window and look real fast before the computer dies. I did that just now and caught some nice birthday wishes and a few supportive comments about my little blogging hiatus. Since I can't just comment back saying "thank you and y'all rock," I'll say it here. Thank you, and y'all rock.

Yesterday was my birthday, but tonight is the party, and I'm so excited I can barely keep my clothes on. I don't know what that means, but I will tell you one thing: I'm stark naked right now.

When I was growing up, my parents' policy toward birthdays was that they lasted all month and you were supposed to receive special birthday treatment the whole time. Since mine is so late in the month, this usually had the effect of everyone being sick of my diva demands by the time the actual birthday came along, resulting in psychological issues with attention that torment me to this day. No, that's not true. It just spoiled me for the rest of the world. Luke doesn't buy it at all, especially when we lived together.

[January 27th]
Eric: It's still my birthday. Do my laundry, beeyotch.
Luke: No.

But really, it's all good because I've been annoying people about my birthday for the past few weeks and nobody has killed me yet. This year it's extra special because I'm in a foreign country with no family within thousands of miles, and it's special enough that I even have people to celebrate with. How bizarre is it that these people I spend almost every day with, I didn't know existed 5 months ago (except for Marianne)? Even if I fail this semester too, I can go home knowing that someone as socially incompetent as me was able to move to another country and build a happenin' social life. And that someone...lives down the street. No, that someone is me!

Do you think any of this will mean a whole lot to the University of Aberdeen when I try to convince them not to chuck me out? They haven't said anything yet, but I'm trying to think ahead.

I did have my first alcohol of 2005 last night, and oh god, even I'm appalled at how low my tolerance had gotten. My tolerance was underground, yo. I took two sips of something like a Smirnoff Ice and the room was spinning. Okay, the room may not have been spinning, but my whole body went tingly and I was like, "Rosie? What's in this? More importantly, DO YOU WANT TO DANCE?" I went out clubbing for the first time in forever. It was an all right night, but it was totally weird to drink again even though it's only been 3 weeks.

Well, now I'm off to a birthday lunch with Laura, then setting up for my party tonight!


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