Thursday, January 20, 2005


It's really been a whole year since my last birthday? It was such a big deal to turn 21 and finally be old enough to drink. It seems like a silly distinction now, but I guess I was right about how easy it would be to forget what a royal pain in the ass it was to work around the whole "underage" thing when trying to get your party on before the age of 21. Especially now that I've been living in a country with such a low (read: rational) drinking age, it's just bizarre to imagine that young people wouldn't be allowed to buy a drink or hang out in a pub.

But this isn't about my last birthday! It's about THIS birthday! My 22nd birthday! So I don't gain any special privileges by turning 22, but it's like I'm properly in my 20s now, so that's exciting. And it's always nice to be the center of attention for a day. So woo!

Also, here are some photos from the last month or so...

When Luke was here, I spent a day showing him around Aberdeen, mainly the university and the beach. Here, here, and here are some other random pictures from that day. (And this was just pretty.)

Look what Laura (the American one) sent me in the post for my Christmas/birthday present! Isn’t it horrifying? But after the initial shock, we sure did have some good times.

In a single photograph (taken on New Year’s Eve), here is why I decided to quit drinking until my birthday. There are more from this set, but you don’t want to see them.

This is Union Street on New Year’s Eve. It was absolutely packed, especially towards the center of town, where there was a stage set up for something or other. Something New Year’s Eve-y. Probably. God, I’m never drinking again.

Here’s Laura (the British one) holding a “mince mouse” Pip gave her. That’s not a real type of mouse – that would be a horrible present. It’s like a mince pie in the shape of a mouse.

Laura dying Pip’s hair. DOES THE WACKY EVER STOP?

Dear god, how I love crisps. Pip started that night with two 24-packs. There was nothing but empty packets left when I got through with those bitches. Oh yeah. Oooooh yeah. Crisps.


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