Sunday, December 19, 2004

Stir crazy

Last night was crazy. Louis and I met up with a bunch of his friends and we took a train to Cambridge to go to some club for it's monthly Gay Night. One of the remarkable things about Louis's friends is that they are ALL LESBIANS. I know, like, one lesbian in Seattle. I know two lesbians in Aberdeen. I didn't know what to do with a train full of lesbians. It's amazing how different I feel around gay women than around gay men, because in theory I guess I tend to lump us all into the category of "homos," but if you think about it there's really no reason to think the experiences would be remotely similar.

Louis and I spent the night at his friend Ruth's house when we got back from Cambridge last night. I slept in Ruth's brother's room, which was located in what I'm assuming was the attic because the door was a hole in the ceiling and the only way to get up there was a ladder. It was a nice room (and a nice ladder), but I only mention it because there was a kitty up there and I wondered if anyone realized it was still up there and how long it had been since it had been fed or had a chance to go the bathroom. I don't know where Ruth's brother was, but I hope he knows that kitties generally find it very difficult to get down ladders on their own.

This kitty was very, very affectionate and would climb all over my body and sleep on different parts of me, even when I tried to kick it off the bed because it was putting my leg to sleep. I also remember being half asleep and becoming totally convinced that the kitty was going to poop in my mouth because it had been in the attic without a litterbox for so long it had gotten in the habit of just doing it anywhere. Then I woke up with a horrible, horrible cramp in my calf -- it was so painful and I was so sleepy and disoriented that I blamed the kitty just because it was there and it must have had something to do with it. Who knows what really caused the cramp (it still hurts) but when I woke up in the morning I was still totally pissed at the kitty because I had spent the rest of the night dreaming about how evil it was.

Today, Louis and I have just been sitting around in his house listening to Lindsay Lohan's album Speak over and over. We've actually been doing that for a few days now, partly because there's nothing else to do but mostly because Lindsay Lohan is AMAZING. I remember watching the video for "Rumors" a month ago and realizing that she was the most talented human being on the planet. I initially suspected this all the way back when she was in The Parent Trap, and I became more confident in my theories when she was AMAZING in Freaky Friday and then Mean Girls. Now...all is confirmed. Oh, Lindsay! Please don't throw it all away by becoming the next Tara Reid.

In case I haven't mentioned it already, I'm in the middle of nowhere. Oh my god. There is literally nothing around for miles. Not just nothing interesting -- NOTHING. When I look out the window, I see some trees, lots of fields, and my crying reflection in the glass. But don't get me wrong, I'm having a good time (really!) because I'm with Louis and this is another new experience in a new place that makes me glad I'm here even though I'm equally glad that I didn't spend 13 years living here like Louis did. I thought there was nothing to do in Redmond. I didn't know shit. It was exactly the same when Luke took me to Ithaca for the first time.

On the drive down from Aberdeen I saw so many fields full of sheep. I realized I'm not sure I've ever seen a sheep in real life except maybe in a petting zoo when I was 5 or something. Isn't that bizarre? Louis was like, "I don't believe that you haven't seen a sheep before!" But when would I have seen one? Isn't that weird?

What else do I need to catch you up on? I stayed up all night packing the night before Louis and I left Aberdeen. It was really strange choosing stuff to pack out of the stuff I had chosen to pack out of everything I owned only a few months ago in Seattle. This still doesn't even come close to explaining why I had to stay up all night doing it, though. Eventually, it got so late and I had to get up so early for lecture the next morning that with every minute that passed it became less worth it to get a few hours sleep when it would be so horrible to have to wake up again. I thought maybe I would be able to catch up on the sleep during the car ride down to England, but...yeah. That didn't happen. If you're wondering why, maybe you should ask Louis about it.

I'm rambling because Louis and I are so bored that we're actually starting to go insane. We just wave our arms around and make noises to amuse ourselves now. I've lost that internal filter that tells you what to say and what not to say so this entry is just going to get infinitely longer and longer if I keep sitting here. I have to go. I have things to do. When I figure out what they are, I'll let you know.


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