Thursday, December 09, 2004

Picture time!

Jo, Rosie, and Marianne at Rosie's birthday party. I think Rosie is under the impression that they're doing the Charlie's Angels pose. Or maybe she just gets aggressive when she's had a few drinks. Frankly, it could be either one.

Look, I'm not even ashamed that I'm finishing off my second pizza. Wait, now I am.

Above our flat is a big scary loft full of evil and dead people. I am not ruling out evil dead people as a possibility as well. These pictures were taken in pitch darkness even though the flash makes it look like it was well lit. The only way we could tell where we were going was to take a flash picture and then look at it on the camera to see what was in front of us. It was nice that we just saw The Grudge the other week. Then Rosie said, "Wouldn't it be weird if we took a picture and looked at it and saw there was someone standing right in front of us?" Then I said, "'Weird' isn't the word I would use," between my screams.

Me with Louis and Ballal. They are my friends. They are my bitches. I love them.

We love Louis's hat! We don't love the fact that he willingly paid £50 for it, but we looooooove the hat!

These are the big Christmas lights they've put up all along Union Street. Pretty! I've definitely been feeling the Christmas vibes from this city, there are lights up everywhere. It hasn't snowed since the one time, but the cold and the abbreviated days make it constantly feel like it's just about to start.

Me showing Jen around Aberdeen ended up being me showing myself around Aberdeen since there are lots of places I've wanted to explore but never had an actual reason. Like this spot at the top of a massive hill, where we could look out over the sea, and turn around to see the sun setting on the city (this picture was taken around 2:30 PM).

Another interesting side effect of showing Jen around was that it gave me the opportunity to be a booty ho on the beach. No, that's all I have to say.

When Ballal isn't working the catwalks of Milan with me, he is also an incredibly successful rock star that nobody knows about. Ballal sings that gay rock that frat guys listen to in order to show chicks they are sensitive before they try to have sex with them. He is good friends with Dave Matthews.

This is an actual speed limit sign in Aberdeen. I don't know if they do this all over Britain or if they just like being cutesy because it's a small city. If I was driving over here I would feel like I was in a LEGO town. I can't imagine what it would be like getting pulled over for speeding.

Officer: Excuse me, do you know how fast you were going?
Eric: About 30 miles per hour.
Officer [grave]: Are you unaware that twenty is, in fact, plenty?
Eric: Actually, I'm illiterate.
Officer: I'm going to have to ask you to put your hands in the air and come with me.

I don't know if I've told you this, but for several weeks now Ballal and I have been convinced that we are supermodels nobody knows about yet. Later, we roped Louis into our delusion and now everywhere we go the three of us take hundreds of model shots, usually involving being unnaturally aroused by our surroundings. Here are a couple of less objectionable shots (the only less objectionable ones, actually) from a photo shoot we did in the toilet at the ice rink. IS NOWHERE SAFE?

Here is an actual candid shot from our little ice skating outing.

Here are some pictures of people having fun with my box! It was, like, worth the cost of the television just to get something that has provided this many hours of entertainment. Besides the television, I guess.


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