Saturday, December 25, 2004

On Christmas Day in the morning


Why am I awake at this ungody hour, you might ask? Well, "Santa" came and visited the Heeley household last night and the kids wanted to raid their stockings as soon as possible. So we're aaaaaaaaall awake to witness their joy! Hooray!

Yeah. I almost gave away the Santa thing and shattered Laura's cousin Harry's illusions the other day. Her parents were talking about Santa in front of him and I was like, "Santa! Oh yeah, we still believe in Santa Claus. Of course he's not a cruel lie perpetuated by parents all over the world" and Laura was gave me a look that was like, "NO." I had totally forgotten that for a period of time, kids actually believe in Santa instead of cackling in the face of those too foolish to realize what a sham he is.

Laura's family has been so good to me, and completely welcomed me into their home for the holidays. I got my own stocking and everything. Yay!

Also, I realized that two of my biggest Christmas wishes have come true: (1) I'm going to be with Luke the day after tomorrow, and (2) IT'S SNOWING! A LOT! I'm getting a white Christmas! After all these years! Sometimes I wonder if these things are worked out beforehand. I've been hoping to have a white Christmas ever since I found out I was coming here, and right on Christmas Day, the snow just starts dumping out of the sky. (I wish there was a better word to use here than "dumping.") Oh, it's so beautiful, especially all the way out here in the countryside.

I do worry about those animals who live in the fields, though. I guess sheep have those big wool coats to keep them warm, but still, the snow is just falling on them. They can't be very happy. What if it snows so much they're buried alive? Does anyone take precautions for this kind of situation? Also, there is a random chicken running around Laura's backyard, and I don't know how it's handling all this. For that matter, I don't know where it lives or where it was running to because Laura's backyard isn't all that big. Oh well.

I'll post lots of pictures very soon. Until then, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE! Unless you don't celebrate Christmas, which I really shouldn't because I'm not religious, but have a great day anyway!


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