Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Crazy talk

Just throwing this out there: It's 10:30 AM, I just got out of my first lecture, and I'm pretty sure the sun hasn't come up. Even if I'm wrong and it came up hours ago, think about what that says about the kind of clouds we get up here.

Only a few more days until Louis and I head down to England. I'm pretty sure his car is going to break down because on top of the fact that his car is already on its last legs, we're going to push the car as fast as it will go so we can make it in time for [something or other Louis wants to go to]. I didn't mean literally "push" just then, but I'll let you know if it comes to that. In fact, I'll probably take pictures and the whole ordeal will turn into a photo shoot, knowing us. It will be fun and hilarious until we start to get hungry, and nobody wants to help us because they've been watching the news and heard about these killer rent boys who pretend to be broken down on the freeway, then seduce and murder their rescuers, except we're not them and we really need help with our broken-down car, but everyone is like, "No way, I ain't stopping for no killer rent boys," and the police will drive up and say, "Are you them killer rent boys?" and we'll say, "No!" and they'll say, "Then why were you posing on the hood of the car?" and we'll say, "Because we look good."

But that's not going to happen until Friday. We wanted to go down on Thursday, but I am a really, really good student and refused to skip my Friday morning English lecture. Anyone who doesn't believe that I am a good student can just shut up because I am a really, really good student. If my advisor asks me why I failed my Viking history class, I'll say "SHUT UP" and leave the room. Or even better, I'll throw something on the ground that fills the room with smoke, and when it clears I'll be GONE. He won't fuck with me after that because he'll think I am skilled in the Dark Arts.


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