Friday, November 05, 2004

Putting the motion back in picture (now functional)

That's right, I bring you...ABERDEEN IN MOTION! But not in sound, because my camera is just not that hi-tech. But in addition to short video clips, my camera will put together animated GIFs, so that's also pretty cool. Look forward to regular installments of ABERDEEN IN MOTION! (I say it very loudly to make up for the gaping silence filling the soundtrack of the following clips.)

MPEGs (right-click and "Save Target As"):
Here we are arriving at the sea...
Here you can finally see the Hurricane Room for yourself!
This is a guided tour of the flat. I start outside on the street and then show you most of the flat. That's pretty much it for the "guided" part.
Here is a plush sheep in the process of being used up and discarded by Satan.
Here is the same plush sheep getting his groove on.

This is the first animation I made. IT'S LIKE IT'S DRINKING ITSELF.
Here is Marianne, happy and happier.
And here is me, um...yeah. Set this one as your desktop, I command it.

Cooler installments of ABERDEEN IN MOTION on the way! Seriously, they're not all going to involve plush sheep.


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