Saturday, November 20, 2004

In which I don't shut the hell up about snow

Here are a few pictures of what Aberdeen looks like with a little bit of white snow covering up all that gray. It's quite an improvement, I have to say. The thing in the last picture is meant to be a snowman, but it was cold and dark and I don't think Pip and Ballal could be bothered to make him more than just a mound of snow with a few vegetables attached to the front. I don't know if he's meant to be nothing more than a head, or a really short person with no arms and no neck.

There isn't as much snow in the pictures as there was for some parts of the day, because when I told you the weather was schizophrenic, I really wasn't kidding. After the practical whiteout I made my way through on the way to school, the sun came out and shone for a few hours, then it started snowing again, except the sun was still out and I so can't handle seeing snow come down from a clear sunny sky. I spent my entire Celtic tutorial staring out the window, as the sky alternated between clear blue and snowing so hard you couldn't see the next building over several times over the course of a half hour. IT'S JUST CRAZY OVER HERE!

The pavement all over the city is like an ice rink. Ballal and I found it almost unnecessary to actually walk down the hill leading into town from Pip's flat, we just slid down because our shoes have no traction. I like how I'm talking about snow and ice like nobody has ever seen or been in close proximity with it ever. Like I have to tell you everything about it so you'll understand. People here are weirded out by how excited I am over all this, but I am foreign after all and I'm allowed to go wild over things like snow and 3:30 PM sunsets. Right?


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