Friday, October 29, 2004


When I haven't updated the blog in a long time, I like to sit myself down at the computer at a moment when I'm feeling particularly uninspired, start writing, and see what happens. So what do I have to say right now?

It's 8:15 in the morning and I've just stayed up all night. I have a class in 45 minutes, the first I'll have been to in exactly a week. The only thing stopping me from going to bed right now is the fact that my class is 200 feet away and my bed is 2 miles away. Ballal (previously known as "B") invited me out, and I decided not to pass up the invitation because I haven't interacted with anyone but my flatmates in ages, but the scene was pretty dead so I went all the way up to campus with them. (When I say the scene was dead, I don't mean in a good "ho ho, it's the weekend of Halloween" way. It was just dead.)

That's the only downside to living in a flat as opposed to the dorms -- I'm very out of the loop when it comes to being in close proximity with hundreds of potential buddies. What, is it week 5 or 6 by now? People have established actual social lives while I've been chilling out across town. It's fine, though, because Ballal has to share a toilet and a kitchen with people who... Let's put it this way: when they hired a cleaning lady to tidy the place up, she called the health inspector and he gave them a warning. Then, the same thing happened again a few weeks later. If it happens one more time, everyone in the flat is going to be fined £10.

So Ballal and I stayed up all night talking and eating and watching DVDs. He also showed me my first episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We watched this episode where these horrible creatures stole the voices of everyone in Sunnydale, then came -- floated -- into their bedrooms at night and cut out their hearts. AND THEY COUDLN'T SCREAM. I was like, "NUN-CLOWN!" They totally ripped me off, yo.

Speaking of nun-clowns, I was supposed to be one for the costume contest at the gay bar last night, but it hasn't arrived in the post yet. My parents, bless them, were good enough to send along the habit without asking too many questions. Sometimes I wonder what they think of all this. My mom has made small attempts to understand, like when she asked, "Eric, why do you love the nun-clown so much?" I could only answer, "Because she's amazing." And my mom replied, "It's a woman?"

It's October 29th today. I only have £5 that's supposed to last me until Monday, when I get my November money. Like I said, I'm completely out of groceries and I was planning on going to the movies multiple times this weekend because they're showing Before Sunset and Before Sunrise at the cinema for sehr billig. I'm having flashbacks to Marianne running around Seattle having very nearly no money for food or rent because her bank completely screwed her over. One time, she literally had 80 cents to her name and I had to watch her spend it on a candy bar or something because it was the only thing 80 cents would get her. That was a sad day. Now that's me, and it's a sadder day.

Just kidding, Marianne had it way worse. She told me she was going to post in this blog all about how everything went wrong for her in America, but she's pretty busy writing her dissertation and all.

I've just moved across the world and once again I'm thinking travel. My friends Josh and Jen are spending the year in Germany and Spain respectively, and over the holidays we're all going to try and visit each other's cities. Also, it's quite likely I'll be spending Christmas with Rosie's family in Bristol, so I'll get to see some of England as well. Apparently, Rosie's parents live across the street from the parents of the guy who plays Kurt on Teachers, a British television show. Since it'll be the holidays, Rosie and I are hoping he'll be around and we can break into his home and tie him up and make him hang out with us because even celebrities think we're cool.


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