Saturday, October 30, 2004


The fact that Halloween falls on a Sunday puts me in an odd situation. I know I want to become Nun-Clown at some point this weekend, but do I want to do it tonight or tomorrow night? Saturday would make sense because it's the big party night, and Sunday would be the actual day of Halloween. But how many people are going to clubbing on Sunday night? I just don't want to be a nun-clown at a party that's really not happening. That would just be sad.

I finished all the dialogue for Sisters By Habit on Thursday. It ended up being 99 pages, but it's not properly formatted or anything, so I still have lots of work ahead of me. Not to mention the fact that I already have a growing list of ideas I still want to work into the screenplay in some form or another. I'm almost weirded out by how clearly I'm envisioning the final product. If the big studios don't offer to let me direct, I'll have no choice but to move on to a smaller studio that believes in my vision even if they can't afford my dream casting.

I'm not usually all about Halloween, but this weekend I just feel buzzed about it. Like anything could happen. In addition, I'm totally on edge for some reason and am startled as fuck by the slightest noise or appearance of one of my flatmates.

Nun-Clown turns one year old tomorrow. I don't know what we're going to do for her birthday, maybe present her with a jelly donut decorated with a single candle. Does she even like donuts? I've never bothered to ask her. She's always going on about how much she enjoys tearing out people's rib cages and wearing them as hats.

I did go to my lecture yesterday, after staying up all night. Besides the fact that I was basically hallucinating, the my professor's voice sounded to me as if someone was playing with the volume knob and going back and forth between WAY TOO LOUD and too quiet to make out. I also didn't have any of my school things with me so I had to ask someone for a pen and paper, which reminded me of how Marianne and I met, so that was heartwarming. Or it would have been, if the world hadn't been spinning at the moment.

After two hours of class, I had to walk home 2 miles because I had no money and can't afford to take the bus. I stopped by the doctor because I've been sick for three weeks and that's pretty much my limit before I start thinking something is seriously wrong with me, but they couldn't fit me in until next Friday. When I got home, I had a note from Royal Mail saying they had tried to deliver me a package, but it was too big for the mail slot, so I had to pick it up in person. Since this package contained my nun habit and several Strangers With Candy DVDs, I knew that waiting until Monday was not an option, especially with Halloween this Sunday. So instead of going to bed, I took a bus out to buttfuck nowhere in the pouring rain and retrieved it. By the time I finally got my ass to bed, I was too tired to sleep. But it was all worth it because I'M BACK IN THE HABIT, BABY!

And now I'm off to eat my flatmates' food because I have none left. Bless them!


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