Thursday, September 02, 2004

Shortest new feature ever

Well, I got my visa in the mail this morning! I officially have everything I need to infiltrate Marianne's (and Agnes's) mother country and assume a false identity so I will never have to leave again ever. (Note to immigration officers: Just kidding.) (Note to everyone else: Totally not kidding.)

FedEx actually tried to deliver my visa yesterday, but I "wasn't home," which really means that I was home but nobody answered the door, except that I was waiting by the door like a loser all day. I imagine they pitched a small rock at my door without stopping the car and deduced from my lack of response that I had stepped out of the house to pick up some milk or lube from the grocery store. In any case, I found a tag on my door informing me that my package was in Issaquah, a small crappy town (unless you live there, then it's great) which is half an hour away, and they would try to deliver it again tomorrow. Which is today. And I have it! Thrills!

Now that everything is finally in place, I can finish packing with no worries. Compared to the chaos of getting my ass there, starting a new life in a foreign country should be a snap.


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