Tuesday, September 28, 2004

See Eric study abroad

I finally figured out how to post my pictures on the internet!

This is my "paying a £60 excess baggage fee" face.
Eric and Marianne, reunited at long last!
This is where Marianne's "putting in a contact lens" face used to be. Alas, she requested it be taken down.
Aberdeen is very cultural. You can tell because they put up a sign showing three Japanese people.
This is Marishal College. I don't go there, but it sure is pretty.
King's College, a building on the University of Aberdeen campus. Undergoing renovations at the moment, but still beautiful.
Eric and Rosie, reunited for the very first time!
Here is some fun graffiti welcoming people to the city.
Here is a cemetery. One of millions here.
Coming up a rolling hill on the way to the sea...
These four pictures don't do it justice, but if you look, you can see the surfer I was talking about before.
A drive-thru Burger King! This takes me back to my homeland.
Ginormous ship in the distance. Looks microscopic in the picture. Pssh.
Marianne doing her famous impression of the girl with a pearl earring.
And when you take off the headdress, there's a new hair color underneath!
Rosie likes to carry boxes that are as big as she is.
And when she has to sprint to catch the bus, I take pictures instead of holding the bus for her.
Eric displays a piece of found art he has discovered. The rubber ducky represents oppression.
We had a party in my room drinking the champagne Marianne got for her last birthday.
Would you believe me if I told you this lewdness was unintentional?
Me neither.
My desk! Marianne made signs to greet me at the airport so I put them on my wall. They say, "Wilkommen Sie aus Schottland!" (if you're German you are probably crying right now), "Zardoz", and "Nun-Clown." On the left is the nun-clown calendar the lovely Pam sent me. So, think about this: What if Marianne had been holding up the Nun-Clown sign at the baggage claim...AND ONE CAME UP TO HER EXPECTING A RIDE? WHERE WOULD IT BE GOING? WHAT IS IT DOING ABROAD? HOW DID IT GET THROUGH CUSTOMS? These are the kinds of things I think about.
This is our living room. I've cleverly hidden Marianne somewhere in the frame -- can you find her?
Here is a picture of one of those church-clubs I told you about. The one with the crosses hanging from the ceiling. I had a drink at another church-bar yesterday and the walls were still adorned with stained glass depictions of Jesus being crucified. So wrong. So great.
These pictures really capture the overall color scheme of Aberdeen.


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