Wednesday, September 15, 2004


I went to my first Quiz last night. I don't know if they capitalize it, but it's a popular type of event over here. Every week, the bar at the movie theater in Aberdeen holds a film-themed Quiz. People form teams and answer questions, the winner receiving a grand prize of "lots of alcohol," with a second prize of "slightly less alcohol."

So we totally rocked the shit out of this quiz. Well, maybe not in the kung-fu round, but I sure was on top of the musicals round. Shut up. Actually, we didn't do that great, but it was a lot of fun. I'm all over any opportunity to utilize the warehouse of useless information stored in my head. In particular, the film scores and Johnny Depp rounds allowed me to feel like these two obsessions of mine were actually useful.

Afterward, Marianne showed me the inside of one of those churches that had been converted into a dance club. There were crosses hanging from the ceiling and everything, dude. It was totally gross in a way that makes me want to go there all the time.

What other new things have I experienced? I'm eating my way through all the different kinds of chocolate they have over here. Even the kinds we have in America are infinitely tastier, like Snickers and Milky Way. Mmm, chocolate.

I don't have any real stories yet because school doesn't start for another week, and I'm basically on vacation right now. I've been watching oodles of British television, which is so quality I actually feel good about spending my time on it. It should be punishable by death to even think about making an American version of The Office, even if it does star Steve Carrell.


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