Wednesday, September 29, 2004

First days of class, or not

I’m very confused at the moment. It’s coming up on the fourth day of the term, and I’ve only been to one lecture. Fair enough, I didn’t have anything scheduled for Monday and my Celtic Civilizations class doesn’t start until halfway through the term, but yesterday, and again today, my history professor was a no-show. Due to the equally high volume of pubs and cemeteries in this city, I’m torn between worrying that something is seriously wrong and thinking he must be somewhere getting plastered.

There must be some kind of conspiracy here. This is the same thing that happened when I was trying to get my visa -- it was such a pain in the ass and it was dangled just out of my reach for so long that eventually, my nervousness about studying abroad was completely overshadowed by the feeling of "I'm going to be so pissed if I don't get to go. Get me on the freakin' plane already! Let's do this thing!" And now. I spent weeks stressing out about meeting people and making new friends, and now it's Wednesday and I haven't had any classes to meet any damn people in. Now I'm like, "Bring 'em on! Ready to socialize!" When I finally do attend a seminar, I'll probably be all up in people's faces, like "HI MY NAME IS ERIC HOW ARE YOU DOING?"

I guess this is a good thing. It feels a little manipulative, but I couldn't tell you who was behind it all. Probably Nun-Clown. She's always looking out for me, my Fairy Nun-Clown if you will. SHUDDER.

I came home from non-class and watched Murder, She Wrote with Rosie. Many people don't know that this is the most amazing show ever. Jessica Fletcher murders someone every damn week and manages to pin it on someone else! Isn't that incredible? I mean, please -- every week this old lady visits an old friend and someone "happens" to die. And she always knows waaaay too much about murdering people to account for it with the fact that she's writing a mystery novel. That shit is non-fiction, yo. "Today I killed again. Still no remorse. Will try again next week. After I pin this one on the young floozy with the drinking problem."


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