Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Eric in London

Hey everyone. Sarah and I are in London right now, and we're pretty wiped out from all the travelling but we still had time to eat a nice dinner before we go to bed. So far, we haven't done much, but I was hit on by a flight attendant, Sarah cut her finger open with the plastic knife he gave her, we realized that our hostel is surrounded by porn shops and XXX theaters, nobody will give us any water, especially our terrible waitress who was somehow able to run everywhere without lifting her feet off the ground, I'm not used to the keyboards here, and I can't believe how bad the exchange rate is. From where I'm standing, at least.

I'm at an internet cafe, so time is actually money, but we're here and we're safe and tomorrow we're going to fly to Edinburgh, where hopefully Marianne's open arms will be waiting to greet us, unless she forgot about us in which case we will take an expensive taxi and use it to run her over. Just kidding. So, so tired.


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