Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Me Again!

OK, Eric is all excited for me to be contributing to the blog as well as him but he just stole my idea of writing about the wind (well, he didn't exactly steal it. We're pretty psychic these days which is not surprising because we are the SAME PERSON and we thought of it at the same time and he used it first. You heard it here first peeps...)

By the way, just to keep you updated a guy came to fix the window so we no longer have a feature room in the same way but at least "Ivan" and I are no longer on such close terms. Eric and I have been experiencing the joys of Fresher's week, orientation and registration. Also when you register yu get your ID card and that is called "matriculation" which makes all the freshers snigger, I guess because it sounds rude or something. Chuh. Freshers.

Eric has been very laid back about the whole process I think which is a credit to him except he's a bit pissed about having to take some history classes as there are not enough film classes in the first half session, so we will have to see how that new direction treats him... I'm trying to avoid talking about me(!)... after all this is not MY adventures in Scotland but Wee Eric's. The reason I'm posting here is because I am so much along on the ride with him we thought it'd be nice to proffer a different perspective on the general goings on. However as I mentioned above we are pretty much of one mind, when it comes down to it, and so a blog of me going "Yeah, like Eric said..." is not thrilling. Soooo... I thought from time to time I could provide info on Aberdeen and the lovely country that is Scotland so you can learn along with Eric, as it were. So there you go, keep posted as I slowly master this computer thingy and bring you bleeding edge comment from the Granite City.



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