Friday, September 17, 2004

hello there!


well, i am the evil marianne of the queuing fiasco. in my defence, it was because i felt sorry for the women with the strollers. yes we should make little queues. one day it may happen, i live in hope. you may say i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one...

also, i'd like to validate all of eric's tales so far. things are crazy expensive here. we don't eat out unless we have a good reason. i think the last time i had dinner out here was valentine's day in 2002. but we do have universal health care, ya da ya da ya...

there are so many pubs and clubs here that they have suspended the availability of new licenses. aberdeen has 20 000 people, 14 faiths, 60 languages and 40 clubs -- not pubs, just clubs -- (most of which are in the old churches eric mentioned, unless they are vodka bars!) the church-clubs have religious names: faith, soul, the priory, etc. i love going to them to piss my mum off -- she's a priest (it's like the mafia). we also have two gothic themed pubs which eric has yet to visit. stay tuned to hear more through the year (hopefully eric will not get run over. linda- i told him the look lots rule, and we also have crosswalks! hopefully he'll be ok.)

love to all of you who i know xxx


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